Maria Writes Stuff

Morning sickness is like this creepy monster that lives in your closet. One minute you think you’re fine and you can handle the nausea, the next minute your about to vomit all over everything…and yet somehow you maintain this constant hunger in your stomach.We needed to go to Wal-Mart to pick up some groceries and […]

We woke up a little late today but oh well, I wanted to sleep in anyway.I am actually considering sleeping on the couch for a while, because our bed isn’t very comfy for me at all. The couch is more comfortable.I have felt pretty good today, I think. I’ve been relaxing quite a bit because […]

We woke up early today…to go to school and get some things done. I was NOT feeling like getting out of bed this morning. My I’m sore and I felt as though I was going to puke everywhere. But I haven’t vomited yet! So I reluctantly got out of bed and took a shower, shaved […]

So lately I have been feeling nauseated to the point I think I’m going to puke and never do.We spent the day running around getting our car prepared and official in Virginia. We also turned in our application for Medicaid and should get a letter in a week or so. I really hope I get […]

I’m what?!This morning I took a home pregnancy test. I watched the dye go across the panel and I saw pink. The control line came up dark pink, and within 45 seconds the 2nd pink line showed up! I looked at in disbelief as I waited for the rest of the 3 minute time slot […]