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I slept pretty well last night…thank God! Even though I seem to have slept well I woke up and wasn’t feeling well anyway…not surprising though. So I ate some cereal and took my prenatal vitamin (I found them at Wal-Mart!). Through out the day I was really hungry and thirsty. For lunch I had a […]

I’m 10 weeks and 1 day pregnant!! Yay!Morning sickness has been really bad lately. I’ve been really tired and resting quite a bit.

I have an OB appointment for September 12 at 9am!I can’t wait! I am hoping/praying that our baby has a good strong heartbeat and that we get to hear it.My Medicaid card showed up in the mail today no worries there. So all I need now is my HMO card and I’ll be set. […]

Okay, okay..I”m updating.School has started and man is it tough being nauseous all day and going to class. I have had special permission from a professor or two to eat in class (like crackers) to hold back my nausea. I have been good at eating lunch, even though they charge way to much for food. […]

I got my letter from DHS today about the Medicaid! It didn’t have an appointment date on it so I’m going to be calling my case worker on Monday to see if I need to come in or if I can get my card number so I can go to the doctor. I am so […]

I bought Popsicles yesterday! They’re so yummy!I have had this reoccurring craving for a burrito…how weird. I really want one from Taco Bell. So I have convinced my dear husband to take me to Taco Bell tomoarrow! WooHoo! I really, honestly can’t wait. I am so hungry for a burrito of all things.Today I haven’t […]

Today has been really exhausting. We woke up kinda late (our dog kept us up tilll 4am). We went and ran arronds till around 5pm and came home. We relaxed for a bit and now DH is downstairs cleaning (I think). Morning sickness really got to me today with the heat, it’s so hot outside!I […]

I have been sleeping A LOT! Nausea is still kicking my butt and seems to come and go in massive waves. I don’t feel so well in the morning and by afternoon I don’t feel well again (about time for lunch) and usually by the evening I’m either tired or nauseated again. Either that or […]

Nausea is kicking my butt today. I am tired and feel sickly.I am going to take a nap… I can’t wait to buy popsicles!

I think I misscalculated my due date…I think I may be due April Fool’s Day! I had a really hard time sleeping last night…I tossed and turned, absolutely no fun. I really think we need a bigger bed. I’m still sore and the nausea has gotten worse this morning…I guess it’s time for some breakfast […]