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Things Ben Likes: Autism and Gift Giving 2016/2017

Ben is our wonderful seven year old boy with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Ben is active, curious, and full of energy. He is also nonverbal. We aren’t able to just ask him what he wants for his Christmas, or even his birthday. Here is a list of things that he received for Christmas/his birthday (they’re a […]

Traveling with a Toddler!

We just returned from our week long Thanksgiving break vacation. We, of course, traveled with our children (ages 8, 6, 4 and nearly 2). I thought traveling with our toddler Adeline was going to be a bit tough. Here are some things that I did to make the trip a bit easier and her (and […]

Surviving a Cesarean Birth with Your Sanity Intact

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re either scheduled for a Cesarean in the near future, or you’ve already had one, and are browsing the internet with an infant in one arm and a pillow against your sore incision. Girlfriend, I’ve been there…FOUR times! I understand completely what you’re going through right now. You may […]

Preparing for Preschool

  I wanted to share some experience I had preparing my boys for preschool, in the hopes it might help you and your child get off to a good start this year! 1. Talk about school often.         When Jack was diagnosed with PDD-NOS it was written up in his IEP that he’d […]

Friends for a little while. Friends Forever.

     I read a post on The Mighty by Lauren Jordan, another mom blogger at Laughing Like It’s My Job…And Other Stuff. Her post on The Mighty was about her Autistic son TJ and his friend Colby. The two boys who are two pees in a pod. Her post got me thinking about own […]

Product Review: Imperial Kitchen Collection – Cutting Mats

Imperial Kitchen Collection: Cutting Mats The package arrived quickly (via Prime Shipping) and was intact and undamaged. The cutting mats came well packaged in clear plastic with an instruction/description sheet. You are supposed to wash the mats and coat them with a light coating of oil (but I forgot to do this after I read […]

Back to School!

August always has me thinking two things: School and Fall. It’s my favorite time of year because of all the cozy clothes, colors and flavors. I’m not really a huge fan of the “school” part though, as I always feel like I’m in over my head trying to juggle things…even when it’s no big deal. […]