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Book Review: Beauty and the Beast

Title: Beauty and the Beast Author: Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de VillenueveG Genre: Fairytale Publisher: Harper Design Publication date: Illistrated Edition, January 2017 Page #: Hardcover, 208 Pages Link to Purchase:  Amazon Barnes and Noble I have been a fan of the animated (and now live action) film, so I wanted to read the book too. I can honestly say that this story did […]

A Stack of Books

These are the books I recieved as Christmas gifts or had bought (I only bought two) just before Christmas. I will list titles and Amazon links below. I’m not sure which one to read next, as I’ve already finished (and loved) Beauty and the Beast. Any recommendations? From top to Bottom: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland […]

Updates and a new Amazon Storefront!

The last few months have been just full of busyness!   Jack is improving on his reading comprehension and seems to enjoy reading more. He’s a whiz at math and has made a B or better on all of his math papers. Ben continues to do wonderfully with ABA Therapy. He’s mastering goals and continues […]

ABA therapy helped Ben find his voice.

Ben started going to ABA Therapy in early May of this year. I never expected so much progress in such a short amount of time. Ben has started to say words and use partial word sounds to indicate words. I walked into therapy a little early a few weeks ago to use the restroom. As […]

Ben’s ABA Therapy – Day 6

Goals: Asking for items Fine Motor Immitation Lace String Buckle Belt Sorting objects by similar shape Responding to name with eye contact Tutor’s Comments: ” We were able to work a lot today! Ben did really well with sorting items by shape. He scored a 74% overall…”

Ben’s ABA Therapy Report – Day 2.

The goals for today were the same as yesterday, although they added “transitioning to different rooms in the building”. 🙂 Tutor’s comments: “We had another great day! We worked on asking for items the majority of the time. We are using “moo” for movie, and he is doing better with it. He asked for movie […]

Ben’s ABA Therapy Report: Day 1

  What they’re working on: Asking for items vocally Responding to name/eye contact Echoing tutor’s vocal sounds Visually tracking items Notes: “Ben did really well today! We worked on asking for items vocally.  We are having him say “Pah” for iPad and he asked for it 9 times independently! We also worked on responding to […]

Goals for 2017

Read more. – I really enjoy reading. I read a lot of non-fiction, and strive to learn more too, so reading is a must. 🙂 Get Ben settled into therapy. – I’ve sort of got the fall rolling on this one…I’m waiting for pre-approval from insurance before he can start therapy. Pay down medical debt. […]