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Interested in Homeschooling?

I’ll be the first to admit that I am not a super-mom, hmoeschool know it all. But, I thought that because I’ve been homeschooling my children since Fall of 2018, that I’d compile some information for those of you who might be considering homeschooling this coming fall.

First Things First

Do some research. Depending on where you live, you’ll likely need to (at the very least) write a letter (or email) to your school district’s superintendant (I also sent a letter of intent to the principals of my children’s schools), notifying them that you intend to homeschool your children in the coming school year. I worded mine to say “until further notice” so that I would only have to send one email to everyone.

Homeschool Laws in Your State

My Family’s Favorite Homeschool Websites/Curriculum

Singapore Math

We like Singapore Math, because it gives the kids a visual representation to the mathmatics problems. It’s great! I wish I had been taught like this when I was in public school!


ABC Mouse was a real hit with our preschooler! Fun learning games, quizes, books that will earn the children tickets to spend in a virtual store for online pets, room decor, and clothing/accessories for their ABCMouse avatar.

Reading Eggs

This program for reading, math (Mathseeds) has really made a difference for our special needs child. His reading level is going up!!

Prodigy Math

Our children like Prodigy Math they do math while going on a journey with characters. I love the parent section because I can see where each child is in the curriculum, over ride grade levels if necessary, and see report cards for each child. This helps me to make plans for each child, to assess areas where the they’re having struggles, and make plans to reinforce what they’re learning.


Youtube is handy for ME as a homeschool mom/planner, AND my children as homeschool students. Here’s a list of channels we love!

For the parents:

Elementary | Jady A Angela Braniff <– My personal favorite.

For the kids:

Crash Course Kids

Netflix! Yes…Netflix!

The Magic School Bus

The Magic School Bus Rides Again

Brain Child

Worksheets to go along with Brain Chidl can be found here.

Ask the Storybots

Inspiring Science and Nature Documentaries

Amazon’s Digital Educational Resources