Potty Training and Autism: Oil and Water?

Potty training and Autism. Is it like oil and water? Can the two really mix? I’m the mom to four children…so you’d think that potty training would come easy for me, that I’d know what I’m doing. Here’s a secret: It doesn’t. I don’t.       Jack was a difficult child to potty train. I […]

5 Tips for Surviving an Autism Diagnosis

So, your child just received an Autism diagnosis? Are you overwhelmed? Stressed? Concerned? Wondering what to do next? I’ve been there…more than once! Here’s my tips for surviving the diagnosis, and getting to a new normal in your life while raising your special needs child: 1. Be prepared for advice you didn’t ask for. There are […]

A Mother’s Perspective on Autism.

I have two children with Autism diagnosis’, ranging from Autism Spectrum Disorder with Sensory Processing Disorder to Pervasive Development Disorder – Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS). I feel like the two diagnoses are like night and day, despite coming from the same “family” of disorders. Jack was is our oldest son was diagnosed with PDD-NOS in […]

Fourth of July and Sensory Issues.

Does your child have sensory issues associated with Autism? If they do (like mine) popular events during the Fourth of July weekend might be a bit tough. We have spent the past 4 years spending time at the air show for the 4th of July. They have hot air balloon races, a Blue Angels air […]