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Spring Break 2016: Birthday’s and “New” Rooms!

Spring break started the week following Easter. We were hoping for good weather, but Mother-Nature had other plans. The entire week was wet, cold, and/or snowy. The day before yesterday we had enough snow to not only cover the grass but stick to the street! Sigh. So much for “spring”!

On April 3rd we celebrated Jack’s 8th birthday! I can’t believe he’s 8 years old already! He and Marjorri (who’s now 4) wanted to have their rooms painted for their birthdays. Here’s some pictures:

The paint color for the boys’ wall! 🙂 So pretty!
First coat of primer on a BLACK wall (the only black wall in their room). 

Before                                           After
Clint and Jack put up some Dinosaur decals on Jack’s side of the room, and Finding Nemo on Ben’s side! 🙂
Boys’ Room:

The Girls’ Room:
Marjorri’s “side”.

Adeline’s “side”. The closet is opposite the foot of Adeline’s bed, it and the other wall are painted pink. 🙂