Swollen Tonsils Before Surgery..

As I have mentioned in a previous post, I am having Laparoscopic surgery in May. The surgery has been scheduled for over a month. The appointments and re-op phone call times are even on my calendar. During that time I’ve developed chronic swollen tonsils. At first, I thought I may have had strep so I […]

Spring Break 2016: Birthday’s and “New” Rooms!

Spring break started the week following Easter. We were hoping for good weather, but Mother-Nature had other plans. The entire week was wet, cold, and/or snowy. The day before yesterday we had enough snow to not only cover the grass but stick to the street! Sigh. So much for “spring”! On April 3rd we celebrated […]

Waiting…My Ongoing Medical Issues.

I started having pelvic pain the beginning of February. Pain with anything I did, even after going to the bathroom. I made an appointment for my annual exam and discussed the issue with my Gynecologist. He preformed the usual “feminine” exams; breasts and pelvic. I had never had a pelvic exam that hurt so much…It […]