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Kindergarten…Puzzles…and LOTS of words! :)

Jack’s going to Kindergarten fall 2014! We recently met Jack’s potential kindergarten teacher. We schedule and IEP with his current teacher, speech therapist, and potential kindergarten teacher and the meeting went well. The teachers had great things to say about Jack’s school year, his progress and high hopes for the upcoming school year. Jack will have class with “gen ed” students, and be pulled out for therapies, and to work on specific skills/problem areas in the “resource room”. For the first few weeks of school, he’ll have a parapro available to work with him on adjusting to the new things kindergarten will bring. Jack will continue to ride the special ed bus, as we don’t want to overwhelm him with new changes. He’s doing great in school, working hard to get those smiley faces! 🙂 Jack’s 6 birthday is coming up fast…Thursday!! Benny– Ben is making some great progress at school, and has been tons better with his anxiety since we started his meds! His teacher sent home a note the other day, saying that Ben can now due a 9 piece puzzle! That’s awesome! 🙂 Way to go, Ben! We have his parent teacher conference tonight, I’m hoping to hear more positive things from his teacher! Potty training has been an issue, so we’ve taken a step back on it for awhile. Ben just seemed to anxious and uncomfortable with the idea. Marjorri– Marjorri is ALMOST two! THISCLOSE to being 2 years old! I can’t believe it, her birthday is next week! She’s a growing girl, loves shoes, and LOVES to talk! She’s a very sweet sister and enjoys being helpful and shares really well too.