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Oh, the people you will meet..

Yep, I just quoted Dr. Seuss. 🙂 I think we’ve got this no-communication-thing with Ben’s teacher figured out. My in-laws put me in contact with their neighbor, who’s son also attends the same school as Ben. Her son has been going there for a number of years, and she’s familiar with the staff/teachers there. She has been kind enough to offer any transportation assistance I might need to get to meetings, she even offered to attend them with me if I wanted her to. She made a phone call to her son’s teacher and found out some information for me about the teachers that are working with Ben. She suggested I call the director of the school and talk to her about the lack of communication between teacher/parent, and it’d get fixed. I planned to do this tomorrow, when Ben goes back to school. I’v been busy getting laundry done for the week, making sure Ben had all his clothes cleaned for this week. I decided I’d check his backpack to make sure there weren’t any dirty clothes in it. After he came home from school to start vacation, I immediately hung it up, I did’t even bother to look inside. I assumed that there was just another empty page in his notebook, that nobody bothered to write a note to me about Ben’s week. Well…I was wrong! Not only was there a note from his teacher…but BOTH his teachers AND his NEW teacher! Ben will have a new teacher starting this week, and won’t be working with the one that was very good and not communicating! 🙂 I hope this is going to be a good change for Ben’s education and that his new teacher is good with parent/teacher communication. There was also a progress report in his backpack as well. 🙂 Ben is making progress and doing well. He’s got some things to continue to work on, but the year isn’t over yet! Keep up the good work, Ben! 🙂 It’s nice to have the neighbor friend to talk to…someone who “gets it”. I guess sometimes you never know who lives next door (even to the in laws), and in this case, it’s a really great couple who’ve had many years of doing some AWESOME advocating for their special needs son!