Homemade Play Dough!

As my husband has been working a ton of over time lately, we decided to have some fun, and make home made play dough while daddy was at work! I followed this recipe/video on Youtube, and our Play Dough came out awesome! Ben smashes  his Play Dough!  My Review: I thought I’d measured wrong or something, […]

Marjorri’s 2 Month Checkup

Marjorri had her 2 month checkup this morning, complete with shots. 🙁 Her 2 Month Stats:Height: 24 inches – 88.89%Weight: 11# 13oz -57.59%Head Circ: 40 – 69.03% The doctor recommended we start giving her vitamins. She recommended the brand Trivisol. I’m not familiar with that brand. When Jack, and Ben were little we used Poly-Visol. […]

Marjorri’s Check Up Stats – April

Birth: April 8, 2012 Height: 21 inches  Weight: 8 lbs 3oz 2 Days: April 10, 2012 Height: 21 inches Weight: 7 lbs 11oz 4 Days: April 12, 2012 Height: 21 inches – 87% Weight: 8 lbs 1oz – 58% Head: 35.8cm – 62% 2 Weeks: April 24, 2012 Height: 21 inches – 71% Weight: 9lbs […]

Meet Marjorri!

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve updated, but things have been super busy! I took time to be away from my blog after Marjorri was born. It took time to get used to having three babies, and getting life back to what we know as normal. Without further ado…I’d like to introduce you to […]

Colored Shaving Cream!

It was rainy off/on, and I was desperate to find an activity for the boys. Here’s what we did!Finger art with Colored Shaving Cream! Here’s the ingredients I used.*Shaving Cream*Food Coloring I sprayed shaving cream into containers and mixed the various colors into the cream with spoons. I had to keep adding blue, and red food […]