15 Week Checkup

I had my 15 week checkup today, and everything is going smoothly. UrineBPWeight (118.8 lbs on docs scale 116 at home) Can you believe I’m 15 weeks and have NEVER heard my baby’s heartbeat?! Yep, it’s true! After chatting with the doctor a few minutes, I laid back so she could find the heartbeat with […]

RIP Steve Jobs

Rest in Peace Steve Jobs – 1955-2011 The inventor the Apple II passed away yesterday, from Pancreatic Cancer. 🙁 I thought this was blog worthy, being I remember using an Apple II in one of my classes during elementary school.

Maybe Movement!

I was sitting here earlier, really wishing we had a tv (ours broke in January). I was watching a few minutes of Pan Am and felt something familiar, and I think it was the baby!