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I Love…

hearing my children talk!

Things said by Jack (3 Years) :
“Love you!” – This totally my day!
“I sorry” – He’d pushed Ben and I asked if he could say, “I’m sorry!”
“No!” – He says this a lot.
“I gotta potty!” – He is no longer in Pullups! He has slept in underwear for the past week – accident free!
“Uhoh!” – He’ll say this when he’s done something wrong, something falls from the counter, or a TV show has ended.

Things said by Ben (2 days from 19 months):
“Cookie!” – Clint made cookies and asked Ben if he was eating a cookie, Ben replied with, “Cookie!”
“Mmm!” – He is a lover of food…says, “Mmm!” a lot!
“Thank you” – I gave Ben a fruit snack, he said, “Thank You!”
“I took bath!” – He woke up yesterday with a nasty, bath worthy, diaper. After getting him out, he told me, “I took bath!”
“Ooooo” (his version of “Uhoh!”) – He says this when knows he’s doing something that he shouldn’t.
“Ouch!” He’ll say this when he falls during a cat and mouse game with Jack.

I’m so proud of my boys!