Maria Writes Stuff


What is it with toddler/preschool aged boys? I swear, my children think they’re acrobats and can fly! Jack and Ben are constantly climbing, jumping, leaping off of something! It drives me crazy! They wrestle too and end up bruising themselves. I think  both boys have bruised their shins pretty good at some point or another. These two are defiantly all boy, they play with dinosaurs and Rawr all the time! It’s cute…but I seriously need some pink in here! haha! Maybe someday!
We’re going to the Bean Blossom Blues Festival in August. Jack starts preschool the week after we get back, so I’ve got some things to get done before we leave for the festival. The boys need physicals, I need to get Jack a packpack and a lunchbox and send off for both boys birth certificates. When Ben was born we’d lost the form…Oops! 
It was discovered on Tuesday that my hard drive had died.  Clint and a friend of his worked on it for 2 days and had to replace the hard drive. I was worried about weather our pictures would be recovered. Clint said they’d recovered 8,000 photos. I think that sounds right! lol Yes..I take lot of photos! I’ve been busy trying to get everything back to where it was before it crashed. It dawned on my yesterday that I lost dozens (if not more than 100) bookmarks that I’d saved while doing VBAC research!