I Love…

hearing my children talk! Things said by Jack (3 Years) :“Love you!” – This totally my day!“I sorry” – He’d pushed Ben and I asked if he could say, “I’m sorry!”“No!” – He says this a lot.“I gotta potty!” – He is no longer in Pullups! He has slept in underwear for the past week […]

“The Friends and Foes of Motherhood”

I fell in love with this post by Stacy from Keeper of the Home.  Confidence should not be shaken by mistakes.  Learning does not take place without mistakes, and a confident mother knows that, with every little stumble she is increasingly capable. I couldn’t agree more!

A Ergo Giveaway!

I have heard so many great things about the Ergo Baby Carrier. I just entered this great giveaway by Uniquely Normal Mom to win a Ergo! Do you have a need for a new baby carrier? Enter the giveaway and maybe you’ll win one! Best of luck to all who enter. Thanks to Ergo and […]

What is it with toddler/preschool aged boys? I swear, my children think they’re acrobats and can fly! Jack and Ben are constantly climbing, jumping, leaping off of something! It drives me crazy! They wrestle too and end up bruising themselves. I think  both boys have bruised their shins pretty good at some point or another. […]