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It had never occurred to me that I might not be reading to Jack the way  he needs to be read to, until I read this article that a friend posted on Facebook. 
The author states, 

Always read with your child face to face with the book next to your face, not in front of your mouth.  This will allow your child to see how you move your mouth when you say words, see your facial expressions and engage in eye contact.  

Jack seems to prefer to be read to by Clint, which is fine but I’m home with him the majority of the day, so I try to read to him as much he’ll let me. Sometimes I’ll read to the boys during breakfast or lunch, that way I can steal some attention and they’ll listen to the story. The author had mentioned that in the article too. 🙂

If your toddler has trouble paying attention to a book, try reading when he or she is “trapped� (e.g., in the highchair eating, in the car seat while traveling, just waking up from a nap in the stroller).

Before the boys were born, I read a lot. When I was in high school I’d read the Medical Dictionary…just for the sake of reading. I never really thought about how important reading can be, it didn’t occur to me until Jack was referred to Early Intervention, that I should read to him more. I regret now, that I didn’t read to him more when he was just a baby.