Today I put together a bean box for the boys. They really enjoyed and stayed entertained for longer than I thought they would. Jack played with a bean box several times during therapy sessions. His teacher said that it’s important for him to discover new textures and this is a way that can be done. […]


It had never occurred to me that I might not be reading to Jack the way  he needs to be read to, until I read this article that a friend posted on Facebook.  The author states,  Always read with your child face to face with the book next to your face, not in front of your mouth.  […]

Weekend Water Fun

I really wanted to get the boys outside, but lately the bugs have been thick and its been terribly hot. I thought water play might help cut the heat, and I’d just find a way to deal with the bugs. We did our weekly grocery shopping trip to Wal-Mart on Friday, so while we were […]

Pictures from the weekend…

We are apparently having an issue with the date/time stamp on the camera. Every time I’ve taken the batteries out to recharge them…the camera resets the date/time. 🙁 These are a few of the photos from this weekend and over the past month.

My Memories Suite Software Giveaway!!!

I’ve used My Memories Suite and find it easy to use and lots of fun! One of the best things about this “digital scrapbooking” software, is that you can create so much more than digital scrapbook pages! Here are some examples of what you can do with My Memories Suite: Cute Digital Scrapbook Pages! Birth Announcements  My Memories […]

Study Shows Vaginal Birth after 1,2, and 3 Cesareans is…SAFE!!!

<a href=””>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a> I read this and wasn’t surprised at all! 🙂 “GO WITH YOUR GUT New research now confirms what many women have instinctively have known: Vaginal birth after 1 cesarean is safe Vaginal birth after 2 cesareans is safe Vaginal Birth after 3 cesareans is safe What about vaginal birth after 4 […]

Summer Plans..

I was hoping that my next update would be at my new web address. We’re still working on getting things set up. So for now…here’s another post from me. Updates on the boys: In-home therapy has officially ended for Jack! We went to tour his preschool 2 weeks ago, and he LOVED it! He went […]