Things Jack Said Today.

We sang along with Baby Einsteins and sang, “Old McDonald”. Jack said, “Moo!” “Baaa!” and “E. I. E. I. O!” We were counting pieces of bread while I made the boys’ their lunch. So after that…we counted all the cups, plates, and our fingers. 🙂 Tonight, while Clint was giving the boy’s their bath, Jack […]

Yay Speech!!!

Things said by Jack today, “Blow”, “Green”, “Stop It!”. 🙂 We played with legos, animals in a jar, a button box, markers, bubbles and legos in therapy! YAY FOR SPEECH!!!!!! Check back later, i’ll be posting some pictures!

A Letter from an Autistic Child

A friend from Justmommies posted this and I thought I’d share. This is a great letter from an Autistic child to his/her family and friends. “Dear Family and Friends-I understand that we will be visiting each other for some get-togethers this year. Sometimes these visits can be very hard for me, but here is some […]

My boy, Jack.

I love Jack so much. Jack is an amazing little man. He’s funny, happy, loves to cuddle, give kisses and hugs. He’s a sweetheart. Jack is a very helpful little boy. He likes to help with laundry, dishes, sweeping and vacuuming.  I’ve been thinking a lot about his diagnosis…”PDD-NOS.” What does that mean to me? Nothing, […]


The boys were given haircuts by their daddy tonight. Aren’t they handsome?! 🙂 I think so! Ben’s new haircut! 🙂 14 months old. Jack’s new haircut. 2 years (almost 3).