A Four Day Weekend!!

We had a fabulous Thanksgiving. We stayed home and had dinner, just the 4 of us. It was Heavenly! We had cinnamon rolls and sausage bake for breakfast, it was delicious! After breakfast Clint began preparing everything to be cooked while I did dishes. While things were cooking the boys and I watched movies and played together. […]

There has been so much going on here. Where to start? Last week we had Jack’s eligibility meeting with the public school. He had been evaluated at our home in late October, so we were meeting again to see about services he could receive. To save valuable brain cells from deciphering acronyms and test scores, here’s the low down on […]

Mama’s Helper

Jack has become the lil helper around the house. I really love it. I enjoy the time that I can spend with him when I know he understands what’s going on and we’re interacting and communicating in non verbal ways. He likes to help with laundry, he’ll put it from the dryer to a basket, […]