Maria Writes Stuff


Lost Debit Cards.

Thursday evening Jack got caught playing with Clint’s debit card. We searched high and low and asked him where he’d put it. Clint thought it would be a good idea to show Jack my debit card and ask him where it was. Clint gave Jack my debit card and asked him to show us where he’d put the other one. So, Jack walked around with my card for a while and before we knew it…it was gone too!

So for Friday I cleaned, picked up, sorted through things looking for the missing debit cards. They were no where to be found! Clint comes home that evening and continued to look and ask Jack, “Where are the cards, Jack?” Jack giggled and just played for a while. Clint decided to sit at his desk for a minute and sees a cd case sticking out from the fax machine. He pulls out the paper cartridge thing and finds the cd case AND BOTH of our debit cards! We laughed so hard. Apparently Jack had done what he was told and attempted to show Clint where his card had been put, after Clint had given him mine. Clint just didn’t pay attention!