Jack…Can You Hear Me?!

Jack had his appointment with Audiologist today, for a hearing screening. It was (in a word)…AWFUL! He threw a fit pretty much the entire time we were there. The hearing screening booth scared him, so he screamed and cried. Poor guy. He didn’t like the doctor touching him either! We have an appointment with the […]

An update on Jack… As I posted earlier about all of Jack’s appointments, I think we may have solved our problem! Earlier this month we had a meeting with an early intervention center through the public schools. The meeting was a bit long, but very informative and we walked away feeling good about it. The […]

Win a Performance ERGO!!!

Amber, the amazing owner ofHeavenly Holdis doing a giveaway for a ERGO Performance baby carrier! If you don’t already wear you baby, I strongly urge you to! My baby boy is 9 months old and loves being worn. I’ve noticed that he cries less, nurses better and are sleeps better too. He only wakes up […]

Breastmilk for babies who’ve lost their mothers…

I love this, so I thought I’d share. It’s really incredible to see women pull together to give breastmilk to another woman’s baby. Posted March 29. 2009MARQUETTE – His big hand holds a tiny one as Robbie Goodrich sings in a deep voice, soothing his infant son Moses. The little guy observes his father’s every […]

Lost Debit Cards.

Thursday evening Jack got caught playing with Clint’s debit card. We searched high and low and asked him where he’d put it. Clint thought it would be a good idea to show Jack my debit card and ask him where it was. Clint gave Jack my debit card and asked him to show us where […]