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More and more appointments for Jack

Jack had an appointment with a developmental pediatrician this past Thursday. We went in, registered and went back to the exam room where Jack’s weight, height and head circumference were taken, and an overall physical was done. He’s in tip top shape! 🙂 He’s 27 lbs and 3 feet tall! He’s so big, yet so small.

After all that was done, in come the people…a doctor, a occupational therapist, a nurse, Jack’s early intervention coordinator, Clint, Ben and I managed to fit into that tiny room! The doctor and physical therapist played with and observed Jack. They talked to him, did puzzles, let him color and even climb around on the exam table. The nurse and his EI coordinator took notes. The room was buzzing with activity. We were asked a million and one questions, it was hard to think back and really remember when he started talking, when he stopped using certain words. I felt as though I should have kept a record of those things…Eh, it’s all probably written in here somewhere.

The doctor explained that there are things that Jack is doing (or isn’t) that he should be. Things like mimicking drawings (like attempting to draw a circle vs. just scribbling). he has moments where he stares off into space, he parallel plays, he’s used words in the past that he doesn’t use now (mama, bye). She explained that she thinks he may be mildy autistic. She suggested we enroll him into public preschool and hold off on homeschooling, get him evaluated for occupation therapy, continue speech therapy and schedule a hearing test as well as the ADOS (Autism diagnositc observation schedule).

So far we’ve got a OT eval scheduled
His speech therapy will be bumped up from 30 mins to 1 hr 1x a week
OT evaluation
ADOS end of October

I’ve been praying a lot…wondering too.