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Jack sees Dr. Brennan

This was copied from our discharge papers:

Jack was seen by Dr. Brennon (Child Development Specialist) today.
Here are her conclusions after the examination (attended by a Speech therapist (ST), Occupational Therapist (OT)):

“1. Normal nonfocal neurological exam.
2. Normal general physical exam.
3. Global developmental delay with visual motor/problem solving skills a relative strength.
Receptive language below 15 months
Expressive language 10 months
Visual motor/problem solving scattered to 24 months
Fine Motor 24-30 Months
Gross motor 30 Months
4. Atypical social interaction play and behavior: Difficulty engaging him socially, establishing eye contact; inconstant response to his name other verbal directions; emergence of pretend play. Suspect component of autism spectrum disorder.
5. Rule out hearing loss.”

1. Referral to public school for early childhood special education services.
2. Refer to the Child Development Clinic to schedule an ADOS.
3. Recommended continue speech therapy and add OT.
4. Follow up in 1 yr’s time…”