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Playing at the Park!

We ventured to the park this morning, as it was nice and cool…the park was ours too! Not a soul in sight until we left! 🙂

Jack riding his Tricycle! 🙂 (Excuse my finger).

Eventually Jack decided he’d had enough of the trike, so off he goes!

Ben has a great time too, he just chilled in the stroller while we walked and Jack played on the playground.

Yes, I was aware that his strap was off his shoulder. The picture was taken while we were sitting by the playground.

Jack sliding down the slide. He’d get to the bottom and try to climb back up the slide. He was told not to do this and decided not to obey, so he got a spankin’.

Jack had decided he was done with the playground and went to swing!
He laughed and laughed 🙂

Clint was sitting with Ben while I took pictures of Jack. I had to get a picture of Ben’s cute lil’ smile! Clint was tickling his feet. 🙂

Everyone had a great time at the park (even our dog, Moonshine). As we left, more people started coming, the bugs started coming out and it began to get warmer. By 3pm that park would be crawling with lots of people and hot, hot, hot! So glad we went early!