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More Appointments for Jack.

Jack has had speech therapy since June and already we’re talking “out of home” therapy. Jack has been progressing in his speech but slowly. So we get back from vacation (July 15th appt) and his therapist and her boss (Jack’s coordinator) tell me that they think Jack needs to see a specialist. So they refereed us to a pediatrician who specializes in pediatric development. They said that she’d be able to tell us if he is where he should be and weather he needs other services. Two weeks go by and the speech therapist tells me that she thinks Jack should get an OT evaluation. Jack has LOTS of energy. I’ll admit that he doesn’t get out for any long periods when it’s just the boys and I, because it’s been super hot lately and I’m afraid something will happen to one of the boys while I take a sec to watch the other. I took them outside yesterday and Jack ran in the street (to try to get into the car) while I peeked down at Ben to make sure he was ok. So anyway, the therapist thinks Jack could benefit from a weighted blanket and/or vest. I told her we’d just wait until he saw the specialist that way we could get it all taken care of in one place.

I’m kind of nervous about all of this. Due to the way this program works, Jack is only allowed in-home speech therapy for 1 year (it’s in part due to the insurance too). We’ve been told several times that in November we need to start looking at where he can go to continue speech therapy after his 3rd birthday. So it’ll either be daycare (cheapest I can find is $95/week) or through the public school.