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July 2010, so far anyway…

July has been a very busy month for us, and it’s only the 15th! We took a vacation to see Clint’s parents in Michigan, the 1-10th. We had a great visit that was very eventful! We sent the weekend at the airport. My father-in-law is a pilot, so we hung out at the hanger, watching fighter planes show-off their stuff! It was loads of fun, but SUPER loud. Someone would have to hold their hands over Jack and Ben’s ears. Poor Jack, he didn’t understand the difference between seeing and hearing the airplanes, so he’d cover his eyes and not allow you to cover his ears! He got scared several times, but as long as Clint was with him, he was fine.

We later discovered that Jack had the Chicken Pox. I had been diagnosed with Shingles the week before we left, although by the time we left the Shingles were no longer contagious. We decided to lay low the rest of the week and see how Jack was feeling. Tuesday afternoon, my father-in-law tells me that my rabbit, Oreo, isn’t doing well. She wasn’t drinking or eating and her front legs were paralyzed. We made her has comfortable as possible, tried getting her to eat and drink, but she died two days later. I didn’t know what to think, I never remember having a pet die.

We had a great trip, overall. We were glad to see family and for Jack to have some time to enjoy himself too! 🙂 Ben was happy to be passed around, explore grandma’s house and try some new food.


Clint and I have a friend who’s moving to Florida. She and her daughter came by yesterday and stayed the night. The kids hadn’t hung out since they were 3 months old, so it was nice to see them interact.