I went to the doctor today and he said that I’ve got Shingles! Ugh. Not something I really wanted to hear, but I’m thankful it’s not something worse. The doctor was a bit worried that we have two young children, who’ve not been vaccinated against Chickenpox. Shingles in contagious in the beginning stages, but not […]

Going BACK to the doctor…

The antibiotics I was prescribed aren’t working. My lymph nodes and my ear are still swollen and the rash seems to have spread a bit. I’ve got these horrible itchy bumps on my ear and they’ve become brown and scabbed over. I think I scratch them in my sleep. Anyway….ewwe. lol I’ve got an appointment […]

Speech Therapy: Day 3

Today, we discussed Jack’s eating habits. Shannon asked about the kinds of foods and drinks Jack prefers. We are going to try to get him to drink more water than he does, he really likes his juice and milk. Shannon thinks that the reason why he’s not eating much at meal times, is because he […]

You shouldn’t Google…

I went to the doctor yesterday, because I woke up Saturday morning with swollen lymph nodes & my head ached. Sunday we skipped church, because my head hurt badly, and I was really tired from not having slept much the night before. I can’t lay on my right side or my head aches. Monday afternoon […]

Speech Therapy: Day 2

Shannon, Jack’s speech therapist came over and got right to business. She began playing with toys with Jack and doing the sign for “more”. She’d help him do the sign (and I’d show him), so that he could get another block or ball. He got rather frustrated and cranky when he wouldn’t get another block […]

Our 3rd Anniversary!

It’s official! Clint and I have been married for 3 years! We celebrated by grilling steaks and asparagus, with a side of mashed potatoes! It was a wonderful meal. Clint bought me a blue-tooth headset to go with my cell phone, it’s been charging and I can’t wait to try it out!