Kids, they grow like weeds!

I noticed Ben had grown out of several of his 0-3 month sleepers yesterday…okay, fine, no biggie…I had bought him two 3-6 month ones earlier so I had them on hand. I put him in one and his feet filled the feet of the sleeper perfectly! Then after a few hours he needed another outfit, […]

Toddlers & Talking

Jack will be 23 months old on the 3rd of March. He started talking (saying mama, then dada) several months ago…before he turned 1. Now he’s almost 2 and has stopped using words all together. I don’t know if it’s something I’ve done, or perhaps…not doing?! He has his 2 year check-up on March 2nd. […]

A New Mama?

I feel like a totally new person, a new mama. Being the mother to two little boys is SO completely different than mothering just one. I feel as though I have such a better hang of things now. I guess that’s what happens when you get 21 months of practice before the second comes along. […]

No more doctors visits…

until I get pregnant again or go for an annual exam. How bittersweet. I kinda got used to going to the doctor every week lol. I had my 6 week check up today and everything is going great! 🙂 I had sent my doctor an article I’d found in The Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology […]

Project 365

I have decided to begin Project 365. I think it’ll be a great way to keep track of the year I became a mother to two (why didn’t I know about this before Jack was born)! I have started a photoblog to keep track of all my photos, so please check there often or subscribe […]

My life since Christmas…

I have been incredibly busy since Christmas! We now have two babies in the house and they seem to always keep me on my toes! My day usually starts around 8am, after Ben’s 4am feeding with Jack waking up and wanting breakfast. I get up and change Ben’s diaper after he’s eaten then go get […]