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Oh the screaming!

Jack has been having these screaming fits lately that drive me bonkers! I am pretty sure this is his way of adjusting to Ben’s arrival. I hope he knows his baby brother is here to stay!

A few days ago he woke up at 11pm and screamed/cried till 1:34am! There was literally nothing we could do to make him stop! I don’t think anyone slept well that night and the next afternoon was even worse. I had put the boys down for their naps and everything was great, I even got to nap a bit too! Then after everyone had woken up and lunch time came around…the screaming began! 4 long hours of nothing but screams and cries from his room!

We have discovered after many conversations with “Been there done that” mommies that this is normal for the older sibling when reacting to the arrival of the new baby. Everyone has told me that there is nothing you can do, that this is a behavior that is best ignored! I did find this out on my own, after making every attempt to get him comfortable ect. Diaper change, clothes change, meds for teeth, a bath, put his bed in our room…nothing worked so Crying out it is. Crying it out seems to work for him though, which is great for us. Each time the tantrums have gotten shorter, so here’s hoping my ears will stop ringing soon and he’ll adjust to life as a big brother!

This makes me wonder though…when should we start potty training? As that is just another adjustment to go through.