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Days 2-4: Alone with the boys!

Day two of being alone with the boys was awesome…began with my oh-so-needed shower after I changed and fed both boys. Everyone got a nap in (including me) and there was lots of playing with big legos and even some reading. Jack also “read” a few books to Ben as well! 🙂


Day three of being alone with the boys started off pretty well. I was kinda lazy about getting out of bed and got a somewhat cold shower. Both boys slept in a little so I was showered by the time either one had woken up. I changed diapers and got the boys fed and Jack watched a few cartoons. Ben seemed to want to nurse more and want more attention then he did days prior. So I did my best juggling his wants and Jacks. Everyone got a nap mid afternoon and everyone was rudely awoken by our barking dog. He’d been sniffing the door and heard the cat outside (that is not ours by the way) whine. He bared and whined and jumped up and down, thus waking everyone up. Jack screamed, cried and whined with no stopping for over an hour. At some point int hat hour I sent him back to bed, becuase I thought he was still tired and resisting. He finally calmed down and drank juice from his sippy cup and watched a cartoon. He tends to freak out if the tv isn’t on after a nap, not sure why. By the time Clint got home (Jack, Ben and I were crashed on the couch) with food, I was hungry and exhausted. Thank God for husbands who come home baring the gift of food. lol


Day four has been interesting. I got my shower in this morning after changing diapers and getting the boys fed. It was hot, so I was very happy to have been able to get a hot shower. 🙂 I’ve been feeling a bit sore today, so we’ve not done much. Plus Jack has a cold and has been wanting to just sit or lay around. We’ve watched some cartoons and watched a movie or two. Everyone napped early too. I don’t think anyone slept well last night (I know I didn’t). Clint had I stayed up late and watched The Green Mile, while Jack was up and down with sleep.