Maria Writes Stuff


Day 1: Alone with the boys!

I woke up at 6:45 this morning as Clint’s alarm went off. I sat up, thinking how wonderful a shower would be and Ben began to cry! Darn my luck! So I changed and fed Ben and got my clothes ready for after a shower. Jack woke up by the time I was finished so I changed him and got him some breakfast. Jack watched cartoons while I put Ben in his bassinet and took a shower. I managed to get shampoo in my hair and I heard Ben crying. He has lost his paci. So I conditioned my hair and washed the rest of my body…a 7 minute shower. 🙂 I got out and poor Ben was still crying. I gave him his paci and he was fine for the time it took me to get dressed. After I finished dressing, it was finally time for me to get some breakfast of my own! I ate breakfast, took my vitamin and fed Ben for the 2nd time, as well as changed diapers yet again. Jack played with Legos and watched some cartoons and Ben eventually fell asleep. By the time lunch time rolled around, I changed diapers again and fed the boys. Then it was nap time! Yay! So everyone got a lil nap in…even if mine was on the shorter side. Jack has been sick with a cold, so his was a big longer then usual I think. He woke up at 3:45 and Ben was soon to follow. Both boys got changed again and I gave Jack a snack while I fed Ben. 🙂 I put on a movie for Jack and by the time it was over, Clint was home from work and began making dinner!

All in all…a great first day alone with the boys!