Maria Writes Stuff



The road to recovery after my cesarean has been wonderful. Considering that this surgery was a major one, I’ve been doing/feeling great for the most part.

The worse part was immediately after the surgery. Every half an hour a nurse would come in and check my bleeding, pressing on my uterus and Wow…that hurt! After being on bedrest for several hours, the night nurse came on duty and was ready to unhook me from everything. I had been drinking so much and it dawned on me that I hadn’t “had” the urge to pee. I forgot about the catheter. It took several minutes for the nurse to drain it so she could take it out! She unhooked my fluids but left the IV in place…I later had to have even more fluids. I went to the bathroom rather slowly with the nurses help and got better at moving each time I got out of bed.

Ben and I have been home now for 8 days and things are going great. I’ve not taken all my prescription meds yet, because I’ve only needed 2 pills a day (bottle says I can take 1 pill every 4 hrs as needed) with Motrin in between. I feel better and better each day and this recovery is SO much better than the recovery after my first cesarean. I am so thankful this go around has been less painful ect. I don’t know how I could handle 2 kids under 2 with all that pain. Even though Clint’s parents were here for a week and Clint will be home till Monday, there will be a time where I’ll have to do this on my own!