Thanksgiving 2009

We headed out for the 3.5 hr trip to Clint’s aunt’s house at around 9:30am. We meant to head out around 9, but it took a bit longer to get the last minute things gathered than I thought it would. We made sure to pack the infant carseat/diaper bag just in case! We arrived around […]

36 Week Appointment

I had my 36 week appointment today. Nothing new to report. The nurse told me that my doctor wanted to check me. I didn’t decline, but knew that he’d tell me there wouldn’t be any progress made. I had just had an appointment the Friday before and I wasn’t dilated then. He said that Ben […]

35 week appointment.

I had my 35 week appointment with the office’s midwife, rather than my regular OB. He had been out on vacation for about a week, the day of my appt. was his first day back and he was booked solid. Everything is look good. My urine, weight, BP are looking good as well as Ben’s […]

35 weeks.

4 more weeks and it’ll officially be my due date (and 2 days till Christmas)! I am still having the same pain I’d posted about earlier, this time though there’s this heaviness – more like pressure in my pelvis. It seems like every time I try and get up from a chair, out of the […]

One Tired Mama…

Right now, I think sums me up, pretty good. I am “One tired mama”. As of tomorrow I will be 35 weeks pregnant and I am discovering that the long I’m pregnant the more tired I get. It seems that all the aches and pains that I experienced while pregnant with Jack are occurring earlier […]

“Too Small”

Question CPD I have been told by numerous people…family, friends ect that I’m “too small” to birth vaginally! I was given this video link and think it’s amazing! I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…I KNOW GOD CAN!