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Trip to L & D last night…

I called my doctors office to see if they wanted me to be examined after having 2 really good contractions last night and cramps ever since accompanied by back ache. Clint came home, after I called him and told him I needed to go in…and low and behold…he had to DROP me off! They would NOT allow Jack on the L & D floor! He will not be able to see his brother after he’s born and still in the hospital either…They have signs posted everywhere about the flu and even have masks available for people to wear & we’re only allowed ONE person in the L&D suite. So Clint went back home w/ Jack and I kept him updated via phone. I was given meds to stop contractions and IV fluids. I was contracting every 3-5 minutes, & am 40% effaced already.

They told me to come back if I have 4 good contractions in 1 hr. I’ll be seeing the OB on Monday for my regular appt.