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I called twice (yesterday and the day before) to double check that they were pro vbac, wouldn’t want a surgery on the books and would let me go over 40 weeks.
Then after making several alls to the new docs billing person and getting that all figured out, I called DH and talked to him about the cost. Then got on the phone to with the old office to see how all that was going to go with our insurance and refund…30-60 days is what we how long we’ll have to wait for the refund after all the insurance stuff is taken care of by billing…bleh.

So then I call the new office and make an appt. I have an appt on the 21st with an OB nurse and another appt on the 26th with the doctor that delivered Jack (pro vbac).

DH took off work early so we could go and get the medical release signed (they have 2 wks to send all my stuff to the new office…hope they do that in time!) and then went over to the new office to give them a copy of my insurance card. Now all I’m waiting on is the packet from the new office to fill out the financial agreement and their lil questionaire for the OB nurse. I hope I’ll get that soon so I can fax (or email, the lady said) the financial agreement into the lady before my appt. I have to have everything done before the appt or I have to call and reschedule. Boo on that.

Yay for a new doctor and a better chance at a vaginal birth!! It’s so worth the extra money IMO too!

God is so good…this is coming together great!

I am really feeling God’s hand in this! I really thought that the extra cost (about 700ish dollars) was going to break the bank and that Clint wouldn’t be keen on spending that much just to switch, but he was…he knows had bad I want this!

Thank you for praying!! 🙂