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Glucose Test/28 week checkup..

Tomorrow at 9am I go in for an regular check and to have my glucose test done. I was given a sheet with instructions, explaining that I couldn’t have anything to eat/drink except for water, after midnight. The last snack I had was at 9:30pm. I feel fine right now. I just hope I don’t wake up with that endless starving feeling in my stomach tomorrow. I am hoping that they’ll give me the orange flavored drink this time…for the 3 hr with Jack I had the “Sprite” and it was awful!
Please pray that I’ll pass the 1 hour. We don’t have a sitter for Jack if I have to do the 3 hr.

After I drink that horrible drink, I am scheduled for a regular check up too! I can’t wait to hear his heartbeat again…I am SO excited about starting 2 week visits!

2 week visits till 36 weeks, then 1 week visits!!