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28 week appointment/prayer request

I am happy to report I passed the 1 hr glucose test!
I am not so happy to report that I found out today, I’ll be scheduled for a cesarean at 40 wks if the baby doesn’t come before then.

I am really annoyed…why wasn’t i notified before 28 weeks? If I would have known this I would have found a different care provider who was provbac and who would let me go over due a week or two. I am so irritated cause they even wanted all of the money that was due by 24 weeks…& to top it all off the appointment lady has claimed for two months now (Sept & Oct) that the midwives won’t be in the office in the afternoon, so I’ve had to make morning appointments…what the heck is up with that?

Please please please join me in prayer that not only will the baby be in the right position for vaginal birth but that the Lord will bless me with a vaginal birth and a healthy baby!