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Prayers please…

I would like some prayers for the baby and I. (Lindsey, this is #2 for us!)
This pregnancy has been amazing and for the majority of the time, I feel fantastic! I would like prayers that the Lord will grant me a successful, safe and healthy vaginal birth. I have been having these dreams about going into the OR again and it scares me! My biggest fear about another cesarean are the spinal block (hurt so bad – had horrific backpain off/on for 8 months) and the complications that can occur just with surgery alone. I have been praying about this since after Jakc was born…praying, researching ect. I feel confident, ready, prepared, knowledgeable. I CAN DO THIS! But I the fears that I do have get in the way…

My plan is to stay home as long as possible after labor starts and go to the hospital when I can’t bare it anymore…unless my water breaks before labor actually starts. That didn’t happen with Jack, so I guess anything goes with this one too.

Please pray with me. Please pray for my mindset, and that God would be willing to grant me a safe, healthy vaginal birth & baby. Pray He’ll ease my fears too, I think that is going to one of the hardest hurdles of VBACing.
Oh while I’m asking for prayer, I might as well mention this: As of now we have no sitter for Jack. Please pray that God will aide us in finding someone that Jack will like before December. I have also put in a pee (if you will) to my father in law. He said he’ll talk to his brothers/sister in laws this weekend.