Trip to L & D last night…

I called my doctors office to see if they wanted me to be examined after having 2 really good contractions last night and cramps ever since accompanied by back ache. Clint came home, after I called him and told him I needed to go in…and low and behold…he had to DROP me off! They would […]

Small Update….

I got all the paper work a few days ago. I have the questionare all filled out and the financial agreement signed and faxed over. I am so thankful that the total due (at my first appt!) was less than the 703.20 she told us it was going to be! Yay for saving a few […]


I called twice (yesterday and the day before) to double check that they were pro vbac, wouldn’t want a surgery on the books and would let me go over 40 weeks.Then after making several alls to the new docs billing person and getting that all figured out, I called DH and talked to him about […]

28 week appointment/prayer request

I am happy to report I passed the 1 hr glucose test!I am not so happy to report that I found out today, I’ll be scheduled for a cesarean at 40 wks if the baby doesn’t come before then. I am really annoyed…why wasn’t i notified before 28 weeks? If I would have known this […]

Glucose Test/28 week checkup..

Tomorrow at 9am I go in for an regular check and to have my glucose test done. I was given a sheet with instructions, explaining that I couldn’t have anything to eat/drink except for water, after midnight. The last snack I had was at 9:30pm. I feel fine right now. I just hope I don’t […]

Prayers please…

I would like some prayers for the baby and I. (Lindsey, this is #2 for us!)This pregnancy has been amazing and for the majority of the time, I feel fantastic! I would like prayers that the Lord will grant me a successful, safe and healthy vaginal birth. I have been having these dreams about going […]