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First day of fall…

Today marked the first day of fall 2009! Tomorrow marks the 27th week in this pregnancy!

I think I have slowly become more and more tired. All I really wanted to do today was be lazy…do nothing! So, I was lazy for a few hours..Jack napped, I showered and I took Jack outside to play. Well that didn’t go to well…he was having fun running around with the dog and then it started to rain! We were only out for 5 minutes and I had to bring them back in. Poor Jack wasn’t very happy about that.

Jack continues to grow like a weed and melt my heart on a daily basis. He’s been giving me lots of hugs and kisses lately…what a sweetie! I am so proud of him, lately he’s been showing such an interest in using a fork/spoon. So I bought him some decent toddler silverware and he’s been enjoying using the utensils with meals. 🙂 I am not sure if his words have progressed much, but man oh man can he understand stuff! He can understand the majority of the things we tell him and it’s amazing! I can’t wait till his vocabulary picks up…hopefully in the next month or two.


Yep, 27 weeks tomorrow! I can’t believe it. I’ll have the glucose test done at my appointment on Oct 6th and be seen biweekly after that till 36 weeks! This pregnancy really is going by so quickly. We still have to get some things for the boys’ room and for the baby, but we got the crib put up last night!! 🙂

This poor lil guy needs a name…we haven’t decided on one yet and it kinda feels strange not having a name to call him yet. I pray we find the perfect name soon.