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God is Good!

God has been really good to me and my family. I am so thankful for our health. Jack has been to the doctor once as an infant for his heart murmur that cleared. Since then, he’s only been for well baby visits (I think there may have been one time we took him in for a fever but nothing came of it). He’s never been on any prescription medications either!

As for me personally, this pregnancy has been a real blessing! We didn’t plan this pregnancy but I know that God sure did. As I have posted before, I am planning a VBAC. I have been praying about this and seeking information since after Jack was born. Since getting a postative pregnancy test the information and support for my VBAC has been amazing! I owe that to God. I seriously thought that my midwife and even the doctor would turn me down. I thought I would have to fight tooth and nail just to plan a VBAC. Nope. Not at all. At my first appointment on May 20th the first question they asked was if I wanted a repeat cesarean or a VBAC. VBAC Please! Each midwife I have seen since has been supportive! Thank you God! Not to mention the support I have gotten from Clint. Wow! I never thought that would happen because the experience we had with Jack. It wasn’t BAD but it was uneasy, there was a LOT we didn’t know then. Clint is as determined as I am and very supportive. God has brought so much good into this pregnancy. I am completely comfortable, completely confident in myself and His ability to see this through with me. I have even been emailing with a Doula who is Pro-VBAC and has VBAC experience! We’ll have a interview with her sometime in August! I have read (in more then one place) that in a doula assisted VBAC the likelyhood of a repeat cesarean is CUT IN HALF!

God is good and I hope and pray He’s been as good to you as He has us! Please continue to pray for my pregnancy and for our newest addition. I pray the Lord will go through labor and delivery with me, as He intended women to bring children into the world!