19 weeks!

19 weeks already! Almost half way there! I can’t believe how quickly this pregnancy is going…quicker then Jack’s I think. The baby is about as big as a mango…I’ve been feeling movement here and there and I really love it. I can’t wait to feel more!

Gender Ultrasound set!

My 17 week appointment went great, it was short and sweet. 🙂 The baby’s heartbeat is at 150 and s/he is moving a bit too. We’ve got the ultrasound scheduled for August 17th at 3pm and then my appointment is at 3:30. I am so excited!

God is Good!

God has been really good to me and my family. I am so thankful for our health. Jack has been to the doctor once as an infant for his heart murmur that cleared. Since then, he’s only been for well baby visits (I think there may have been one time we took him in for […]

16 weeks 5 days!

Okay, I didn’t do a blog post for the 16th week of this pregnancy because Clint was redoing my computer. Photo taken at 16 weeks: Highlights of this week:Baby is moving more and I can feel it! I love feeling “her” move.I’ve been drinking drinking drinking and having major cravings for orange juice. Well I’m […]

The Miracle of Me

I have been reading this book to Jack since I found out I was pregnant. The author, Amy Pedersen commented on a post I made a while back and sent me a copy. I think this a wonderful book, full of amazing pictures and information written in a child like poetic manner. Jack really likes […]

Belly pictures…

LEFT: 14 weeks pregnant with baby #2RIGHT: 14 weeks pregnant with Jack. I am now 15 weeks and HUGE! When people told me that I would show quicker the second time around, they weren’t lieing! I am wondering how this will effect the rest of my pregnancy. Will I even out? Will I have the […]