Our Christmas Vacation…

We’re still here in Michigan, but I wanted to give a lil’ update. We arrived here on Saturday Dec 13th after an overnight stay in Columbus Ohio. Jack’s first Christmas was wonderful, and I can’t wait to post pictures…He was defiantly spoiled this Christmas! It’ll be interesting to see how we’re going to get all […]

To grandmother’s house we go…

We’ll be Michigan bound sometime this evening! Can you tell I’m looking forward to it? I am doing the last load of laundry today…Jack woke up to icky sheets, poor thing! I gave him his bath this morning because he was icky and won’t get one at his normal time tonight anyway…we’ll be on the […]

My Mothering Style

I took this “quiz”…Click “this” to get to the link. Here’s my results: The kids-r-fun mother (ENFP)Playful and energetic, the ENFP mom finds her kids to be good company. In fact, she says being with them justifies her own being a kid again. She loves introducing her children to the joys of life and is […]

Pre-Christmas Vacation

We have 4 days until we leave for Michigan for our Christmas vacation.I have lots to get done before we head out after work on Friday. Laundry needs to be done, folded and put away. The apartment needs straightening up and cleaned before we go too. I hate it when I don’t clean before I […]


We spent Thanksgiving in northern Virginia with Clint’s extended family.Here’s some photos.. These were taking while Jack was playing at Aunt Annette’s house, before leaving for dinner. Photos of Jack and his 2nd cousin’s Jake and Will: A few random pictures of Jack: We had a great visit and a wonderful Thanksgiving. The food was […]