Thankful Thursday

I’m going to start a new Thursday post in my blog. Every Thursday I’ll post 5 things I’m thankful for that week. 1. My washing machine…laundry would be no fun without it.2. My dishwasher…how else would Jack take a bath in the kitchen sink?3. Takeout menus…because I’ve been to lazy to cook.4. Plastic bibs..because cloth […]

Jack said Da Da!

Jack said “Da,Da!” yesterday afternoon. We were playing on the floor as we do everyday before naptime. He was playing with his hands and babbling to himself. He said, “Brrrabrr dada.” He hasn’t said it again since. I told Clint about it when he got home, but Jack wouldn’t say it for him either. Well…it’s […]


I dislike waiting on packages! I want my (I mean Jack’s) cloth diapers here, NOW! I ordered them over a week ago and they’re still not here yet! …Boo! :: Oh about the video I mentioned in the post before this, I am waiting on a cable we ordered so we can use our computers […]

Jack likes to Jump!

We bought Jack a Johnny Jump Up when he was 3 months old. We put him in it a few times and he just sat in it…spinning. lol He’s now 6 months old and has been in it twice. He LOVES it! Tonight he figured out how to jump! He was so cute jumping up […]

Where to Turn

I found this on a forum I frequently visit..I thought I’d post it here for you all to read. I find it very helpful. Where to turn when… When you feel angryJames 1:19-20Ephesians 4:26-27Proverbs 12:16Romans 12:19Colossians 3:8 When you dislike your appearanceProverbs 31:30Matthew 6:25-331 Timothy 2:9-10 When you are making a decisionNehemiah 1:4Psalm 119:105Proverbs 18:15James […]

Baby Food & Cloth Diapers!

I am going to begin making Jack his own food. I have ordered a food processor and found a great website with great recipes too! I have ordered Jack’s new diapers, and I am so excited to be able to use cloth again! I ordered the economy package of prefold diapers, two Snappies (diaper fasteners), […]

The semester has already begun. I am happy to say that I’m already done with a weeks worth of work in one of my classes. I still have to do the work for my 2nd class. So here’s hoping the rest of the week goes well and I can make it through my first exam.

The Sippy Cup

We bought Jack 2 types of sippy cups. One has a silicon straw and the other had the original spout. He’s used them both, but I think he likes the original spout better. He absolutely loves diluted apple juice!