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God paved my road

I believe God has paved the road He wants me to travel.

Clint and I were married almost 2 months before we found out I was pregnant. Jack was a surprise baby, conceived while I was on birth control. God knows better then we do, that’s for sure.

I remember watching the dye creep across the test window as I waited the alloted 3 minutes for the test results to appear. I turned away after looking at the timer read 1:45 …thinking that in a minute and 45 seconds and our life could be changed forever. The timer beeped and I turned to look at the test. There were two pink lines darker the the other but there were TWO. I sat on the toilet and cried as I prayed. I went downstairs to show Clint the test, knowing that God was in control of our life and would provide for our every need.

God had been so good to us. He’s made sure we’ve never gone without the essetials…I am so grateful.

Jack was born a strong healthy boy. His agare score was 7. He was 38 weeks gestation when I went into labor which eventually ended in a c-section. My C-Section went well and I survived recovering from such major surgery. Jack is now 5 months old and doing wonderfully. He’s not once been to the Pediatrician due to illnes

God is so good.