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family loss

Oklahoma Bound

My maternal grandmother passed away Saturday September 13th. We recieved the news Sunday after returning from a trip up to northern Virginia to see some relatives. I was shocked when I got the news…I’m still in shock. Both my maternal grandparents are no longer living. I can’t believe it. They are the people who put a roof over my head, food in my belly…for three years. Three of the best years of my life.

I am now married and have a beautiful little boy. My grandpa hasn’t ever met my husband or my son…someday though. My grandma met my husband a few months afer we were engaged. She too will meet my son someday.

Jack and I are flying out to Oklahoma today at 2pm. We’ll be there for two weeks. My grandma’s funeral is tomorrow. The woman who wore a red night gown, prayed before every meal and bedtime, who made me oatmeal and fresh squeezed OJ when I was sick. The woman who bought me a bike, let me have sleepovers, bought me a gorgous dress for 6th grade graduation is going to be buried tomorrow. I wish I had called more, written, hugged her tighter, kissed her, and most importantly…said “Thank You.”

So my blog will be on hiatus for a while…until Jack and I return on Oct 1st. Please keep up in your prayers…for safe travel and a good visit with family/friends as we lay my grandma to rest.