Maria Writes Stuff


Writing Prompt: What about your life is changing right now?

My life has changed so much since Jack was born…

I no longer can sleep until noon (and yes folks..I did this the majority of my pregnancy…being 32 lbs over your normal weight is tiring…)

I have no where near the amount of free time that I used to.

I have more laundry to wash

I change 6-10 diapers a day (maybe more)!

I am no longer “in shape.”

My camera is getting more use now then it ever did before

I see the most adorable face ever in the morning and most of the time he’s smiling back at me.

I no longer have all evening (or night) to spend with my husband.

I am greeted by my son with smiles, coos and giggles.
I hardly ever answer my phone lol

I absolutely love being a mommy, I couldn’t ask for anything better. Even with the changes