Maria Writes Stuff


Okay…I know many of you are going to be looking for pictures and could probably care less about the actual written part of this post…but you’re going to have to wait. I haven’t uploaded my pictures yet.

Anyway, about our vacation:

Day One: Friday June 13th

We left our home a little later then expected on June 13th. Clint went to get his oil changed in the car and ended up needing to have some belt changed…so we didn’t leave till around 10am. The road trip was long and tiring…Jack did really well though. He got a bit fussy a few times as anyone would when they’re constantly in and out of the car all day.
We arrived at Clint’s parent’s home late that night. Everyone greeted us and cuddled Jack and then we went to bed.

Day Two: June 14th
Clint’s grandparent’s came to say hello and take my brother in law to his baseball game.Clint, Jack and I hung out with my father in law and met everyone later that day for the baseball game. After the game my mother in law took me to Target so I could pick up some things I had forgotten.

Day Three: June 15th Father’s Day
Clint and I woke up early to go to church. We got to church and everyone was so excited to finally meet Jack. It was awesome! My friend Linnea was there with her son Sam too. He’s 5 months older then Jack. It was really nice to see them considering we thought our trips wouldn’t over lap.Jack was given a few really cute outfits by friends of ours…it was so thoughtful.
For Father’s Day we went out to eat at a really amazing new restraunt. Clint and I had a seafood sampler and it was delicious…We love Salmon…and I know have a new favourite, Risotto. It was amazing!

Day Four: June 16th Our FIRST Anniversary
Well Happy Anniversary to us! I am proud to say we’ve been married for a year and have overcome some pretty big obstacles in our first year as a married couple. We decided to spend the day with family, as that is what we drove all the way for…Clint gave me money to buy the purse I wanted for our anniversary…It’s a tote by Vera Bradley…I love it!
In our first year of marriage we did the following:
Spent our honeymoon with 12 other people
Survived some financial ups and downs
Moved out of State
Survived our first pregnancy
Survived 6.5 hrs of labor
Survived a C Section birth
Are parents to the greatest blessing in the world; our little boy.

Day Five: June 17th
The guys went golfing all day and us girls went shopping!

We had a good trip. We are planning on going to see Clints parent’s (or mine) for Christmas!