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Why Jackson is “Jack”

I was inspired to do this after reading my friend Jordan’s blog about her chidren’s names…

When Clint and I first got engaged and started talking about someday having children and began discussing names ect…He told me a interesting story about how his uncles had once tried to convince their wives to name their boys Jack. His aunts didn’t like then name and all the men still wanted a Jack in the family. So he said he wanted to name our first born son Jack. Okay…fine. I’ll admit I wasn’t in love with the name after I found out I was pregnant and actually going to have a baby of our own. The name eventually grew on me. We named “Jack” Jackson because it sounded better with his middle name Paul. Paul is in tribute to Clint’s dad. “Paul” also means humble…which I really like. I would love for Jack to take on that charcteristic…as I know so many people who aren’t humble. I pray he will be humble before God and have faith and know that God reigns over him…that he’ll humble himself before the Lord and do His will.

I have been researching names and bookmarking sites that I liked…I want our next baby to have a Hebrew name and a family name as well. But right now…I am in love with my little Jackson Paul…and I always will be. 🙂