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Monday Moans and other stuff…

First off…
My cousin Bryan’s wife had her baby girl Lily on Sunday 🙂 Yay! She’s so adorable too.

OKay now for the Monday Moans:
I woke up this morning and felt rested but at the same time I felt like…well…crap. I got up before Jack did…he actually slept through the night for the first time in his little life. 🙂 Yay, Jack.

I got up an hour before Jack did, took a shower, pumped and grabbed a bite to eat. Before getting into the shower I noticed that my eye was feeling kinda funny…itching. I looked in the mirror and my eye was all blood shot and pinkish in the inner corner..”Oh no…pinkeye.” So I began searching for visine. I couldn’t find any and went ahead and took a shower. I washed my hands with soap and warm water, pumped and ate. Jack woke up a little after 8am and I changed and fed him. I was so freaked out about the possibility of having pink eye that I washed my hands about a million times before changing Jack and after. I didn’t want him to get it.

I went though out the day wondering if I had pink eye and actually considered expressing breast milk to put in it. I didn’t..I asked Clint to get him some drops from the store and when he got home I put some in. My eye feel so much better now…isn’t red anymore.

Another moan…
There are these babies from the mommy group I frequent online. It breaks my hear to see these mommys who have to go through so much pain after having the pleasure of giving life to a new little on.
Zac is still in the hospital and has been there since day one. He’s been having problems breathing and there maybe issues with his heart. There’s another baby named Maggie who has something wrong with her heart…and the saddest part of it al is that they’ve not given her much time to live. I was reading her parent’s blog earlier this evening and it just brought me to tears. This precious little girl who is so new so fragile so ….WONDERFUL has a condition that could at any time take her life. Her dad even went to talk to funeral homes! She has a hospice nurse. A HOSPICE NURSE….What?! She’s a NEWBORN and has has a hospice nurse….That just isn’t fair….not fair at all…Ugh.

Another moan is about stupid people trying to call me and when I answer they don’t say anything…ugh, if you call you must want to talk so “say something”…and to top it off…we have no more Oreos. Selfish to mention the Oreos, I know…but they were good.

Anyway…Pray for Zac and Maggie